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What is the i-PiCS program?

The Internet-based Parent Implemented Communication Strategies (i-PiCS, Meadan et al., 2016) program is designed to teach parents and caregivers how to use evidence-based strategies to improve the social communication skills of their young children.


What are the strategies of the i-PiCS program?

Caregivers are trained and coached on how to use four evidence-based strategies to support their child’s social communication skills: environmental arrangement, modeling, mand-model, and time delay.

The i-PiCS strategies are naturalistic, meaning that they are designed to be used in naturally occurring interactions and everyday routines.

What Early Intervention (EI) methods are incorporated?

i-PiCS incorporates  early intervention recommended practices, such as

(a) teaching in the child’s natural environment (e.g. home),

(b) using research-based teaching strategies to promote social communication skills, and

(c) collaborating with parents and caregivers in developing and implementing the intervention.

How do we reach families?

i-PiCS is designed to reach families from a distance via . 

The program includes:

  • online training to increase parents’ and caregivers' knowledge of evidence-based communication supports and the process of using the teaching strategies, and
  • coaching on using the strategies with their child both in person and via 
*A service provider coaches a caregiver on use of communication strategies using telepractice.